About us

Our Organizers

Brittany Ayres

March Coordinator

Brittany Ayres is a senior at Wichita Northwest High School and is the coordinator for the march. She will be attending The University of Kansas in the fall and will be majoring in biology. She chose to take part in the march because she believes everyone should feel safe and supported within their community.

Blair Brandom


Blair is a 24-year-old preschool teacher in Wichita, KS. She has been a Kansas resident for 3 years and is passionate about the protection of our children. She helps in various aspects in regards to the march and hopes to encourage a positive outcome for the future.

Edgar Dominguez

Speaker Coordinator

Edgar Dominguez is a sophomore at Hutchinson Community College and is in charge of coordinating the speakers at the march. He will be attending the University of Kansas this fall to receive his Bachelor’s in Accounting. He wants to be part of the change that prevents senseless tragedies, like Parkland, so that students and teachers only have to focus on developing the next generation of leaders.

Nathan Dominguez

Speaker Coordinator / Media Outreach

Nathan Dominguezis a student at Newton High School. He is in charge of organizing the speakers and media outreach for the march. He became involved in the movement because he never wants his little brother to have to be afraid to go to school.

Jaden Goter

Website and Graphic Design

Jaden is a senior at Wichita Northwest High School this year and is the march’s website and graphic designer. He will be attending the University of Nebraska – Lincoln for software engineering next year, but still cares deeply for the children and teachers of Kansas and hopes to leave this state better than he found it.

Josie Goter

Volunteer Coordinator

Josie Goter is a sophomore at Northwest High School and is the volunteer coordinator for the march. She wants all students and teachers to feel safe in the environments they are a part of every day. She is participating in this march to help bring awareness to this important issue.

Matthew Melchor

Public Relations

Matthew is a student at Maize High School who competes on the school’s football, track, and trap shooting teams. He will hopefully be attending West Point next fall and wants to create a better, safer environment for students that will also change the world.

Siubhan Mora-Bruce

Voter Registration / Organizer

Siubhan Mora-Bruce is currently a junior at El Dorado High School. She became politically active during her freshman year of high school. She is very excited to attend the march and to continue changing the world.

Lacey Morris

Public Relations

Lacey is a junior at Friends University where she studies Exercise Science and Christian Spiritual Formation. She has been involved in many political activities in the past, but has especially enjoyed working with other students during March for Our Lives Wichita.

Camille Pierce

Photography / Organizer

Camille Pierce is a junior at Derby High School and has helped out with photography and other miscellaneous tasks for this march. Camille is passionate about kids feeling safe while being educated and wants to see change.

Emerson Ross

PR / Music

Emerson Ross is a Senior at Wichita Northwest High School. He strives to help create a world with less hate and more justice, which is why he is happy to help organize the Wichita March For Our Lives. Although he will not be able to attend the march, he is still working very hard to make sure the voice of change is heard.

Logan Stenseng

Voter Registration Lead

Logan is from El Dorado, KS and is a Freshmen at KU. He is helping with the march because he believes that we have been ignored for too long, and that the loudest voice we have is our vote.