On March 24th,

Students, teachers, families, and anyone else frustrated with the federal and state governments’ treatment of the issues of student safety and mass shootings will march on downtown Wichita, KS to honor the students of┬áStoneman Douglas High School and urge for change.
March with Us

Mission Statement

In solidarity with the National Walkouts and the March For Our Lives movements, we, the students and supporters of Wichita, Kansas, will strap on our walking shoes, pick up our signs, and use our voices! We will respectfully gather at Park Elementary School, one of the oldest schools here in Sedgwick county, and bring our voices and feet from the school to the courthouse where students, teachers, and other community members will speak out against the gun violence that has taken so many young lives, demanding action to fight against such violence. We should not be going to school in fear, and we want as much support as we can get for this cause from every age group in the community. Join us as we demand action in an effort to save America’s children.
March with Us


Help us pay for the march while looking snazzy! Buy our t-shirt by March 18th before it’s too late!